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Disk Management messed up my partition table!!!

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    Disk Management messed up my partition table!!!

    Hi all,

    I had a nice working multiple booting system on my Mac Book Air with the following partition table:

    Partition 1: Primary - HFS - Bootloader (set as active)
    Partition 2: Primary - NTFS - Windows 8
    Partition 3: Extended partition (rest of my hard disk was this extended partition containing logical partitions as following)
    Partition 4: Logical - HFS - Mountain Lion
    Partition 5: Logical - EXT4 - Debian
    Partition 6: Logical - EXT4 - Ubuntu
    Partition 7: Logical - NTFS - DATA
    Partition 8: Logical - HFS - Snow Leopard

    Note: Partitions 4-8 are inside Partition 3 (extended).

    Now as I had some troubles hibernating Windows 8, after reading that I have to set Windows partition as active, I went ahead and used Disk Management program and set Partition 2 as active (before it was Partition 1 as mentioned above).
    And bammm, Partitions 4, 5, 6 and 7 are lost!!!! This is so bad, Microsoft! I just wanted to make a partition active, that's it... and now my other operating systems and more importantly the Data I had on partition 7 is gone!

    Can someone please help me? Are there any chances to get the partition table data back? I have another system that has Linux and Mac OSX if that's needed for recovery. Please help.

    P.S. The weird thing is that, as a result of this, all extended partitions seem to be affected except the last one (Partition 8) and I can confirm that it boots and I have a functioning Snow Leopard there... but Partitions 4, 5, 6 and 7 are gone like they never existed before!

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    Windows 8 uses GPT. I suspect your system uses MBR partition scheme. I'm not familiar with Mac. You may have better luck on a Mac oriented forum. If you have backups then you may be able to fix the corrupted data once the partition table is restored.. if it can be.
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    Microsoft had nothing to do with it. You are running a Mac with Debian, Ubuntu & Windows. Any of those three could be the culprit. You would be better to run Ubuntu & Windows inside a Virtual Machine, then as an actual image on your Mac.
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    Yes, there are chances of recovering data from Mac missing partition efficiently by using reliable and professional recovery tool.
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Disk Management messed up my partition table!!!
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