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how to tell a HDD has failed?

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    how to tell a HDD has failed?

    good evening people.

    I am using Y410p, running Windows 8.1.

    I was downloading files using P2P,
    then I get some error related to disk.
    but my whole system works perfectly, no affection on the performance.
    so, I decide to reboot.

    here, the problem comes.

    first, I got the 'Automatic Repair' during boot,
    then it reboots.
    this time, with BSOD stating UNMOUNTABLE BOOT VOLUME.
    then it reboots again.
    just black screen. nothing more.


    I did experienced this before.

    what I do;
    1. shut down
    2. edit BIOS to boot using 'Legacy'
    3. I boot using Windows 7 USB
    4. I choose 'Custom Install'
    5. I formatted the 'D' drive
    6. reboot
    7. manage to boot into Windows 8.1

    I tried to re-do these steps, no avail
    stuck at 'Setup is starting' screen (waiting for 2 hours and nothing happens)

    I tried using the OneKey Recovery, no avail.
    the screen just turn black and nothing happens.


    how do I manage this? (I really hope that no disk formatting will be involved)
    what is actually happening to my laptop? impending disk failure?
    if this is benign, it is preventable? I really don't like suprises... (I am in the middle of finals by the way)

    thanks in advance guys!
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    how to tell a HDD has failed?

    good evening

    I am using Y410p.

    these are the symptoms;
    1. Automatic Repair boot loop (then the screen turn black)
    2. when I tried to enter Windows 8.1 Safe Mode (Shift+F8, while booting using Legacy), I got the "Check cable connection! PXE-M0F: Exiting Intel PXE ROM" error message
    3. I used DISKPART from Windows 7 USB Install Media, the HDD where Windows 8.1 is installed only showing Disk0 (DISKPART only shows disks? not partitions?)
    4. I heard a soft, high-pitched sound
    5. I tried using the OneKey Recovery. the screen just turn black
    6. I tried installing Windows 7 but get stuck at "Setup is starting" screen
    7. sometimes, I managed to get pass the "Setup is starting" screen. but the partition where Windows is installed shows empty (the partition space is 880GB, and the free space showed also 880GB)

    so, is my HDD failing?
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    You can download the Seatools bootable ISO image here:
    SeaTools for DOS | Seagate

    Regardless of the brand of your drive, Seatools will tell you if it's healthy. Start with the short test, and if it passes that, try the long version.
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    Good advice drteeth, this link adds some other options too

    12 Free Hard Drive Testing Software Tools
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    thanks guys for replying.

    SeaTools doesn't even detect any HDD.

    I have checked the internals.
    well and good.

    so, what is next move recommended?
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    Does the drive show up through any means at this point? Does it even begin to boot? If a drive is really failing, the more you use it, the worse it gets. I hope you have no data that you need from this drive... It's possible that Seatools *might* not see a healthy drive, but if, for example, your graduate thesis is on the drive and nowhere else, you should stop trying to make it work and instead clone the drive to a new disk (or find someone to do it for you).

    My feeling is that the hard drive is failing, or possibly has already failed, but then again, you never know.
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    BIOS does detect the HDD.
    but, whenever I used diskpart from command prompt at boot, it seems non-responsive.
    plus, whenever I boot using legacy mode, I got the "Check cable connection! PXE-M0F: Exiting Intel PXE ROM"
    why these happen?

    HDD failure?
    oh my...
    I haven't braced myself for it.
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    I would guess that bios sees the controller (circuit board) part of the drive, whereas the failure has occurred within the drive itself. But it's just a guess.

    Other than viruses and malware, failed hard drives are pretty much the most common thing to go wrong with computers. I've had 4 of them go on me over the years, and I only caught it in time to get my data off the drive on one of those occasions.
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    I gonna take that HDD out,
    and try to do a disk check from my friend's laptop.

    is there any other thing that I should do?
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how to tell a HDD has failed?
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