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Installed Intel Rapid Storage now Recycle Bin error

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    Installed Intel Rapid Storage now Recycle Bin error

    -Windows 8.1 Professional x64
    -I have (2) HDD's under RAID 1 {mirrored}

    After fresh install I now have the (2) HDD's shown and was was notified to install chipset driver, so I did and ended up installing the Intel Rapid Storage Technology.

    Now my (2) HDD's are mirrored {combined to one drive} but the problem is I get an error about recycle bin being corrupt, delete- yes or no?.... and nothing works trying both options and the message keeps coming up.

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    ** problem was a corruption with my RAID 1 config between two of my drives for windows to see it as (1) drive.

    it happened when I changed my drive type in BIOS from RAID to AHCI. You shouldn't do this as it will leave you with a corrupted windows install as it doesn't know how your drives are configured.

    PREVENTION: don't change drive type in BIOS when you still have an operating OS installed.
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    Win8.1 64 bits Ent- Pro

    you can change settings in BIOS.However must restart on safe mode,then back on regular start up. Windows installs the right driver automatically. Done on Asus .
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    Windows 8.1 Pro

    Once Windows is installed, the rule is, you should never change the boot from AHCI to RAID or vice versa in BIOS or you will render you Windows not bootable.

    On my Alienware 18 laptop, if I do try to change from AHCI to RAID or vice versa, I get a big black popup warning telling me that this could render my system not bootable

    Additionally, if you are using RAID 1, why in the world did you want to switch to AHCI? doesn't make sense (no offense)
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    Quote Originally Posted by MaXimus View Post
    why in the world did you want to switch to AHCI? doesn't make sense.
    In the land of computing (probably reasons why I go to this forum anyways) there is mostly or only informal learning (the problem with the world today).

    It's like this: I don't know what cache is or speed by ghz but I know what the best CPU to get based on reviews and price. YAY to informal learning.
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    Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit

    I don't care for Intel Rapid Storage. Have installed it several times and end up deleting it. Caused weird problems.
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Installed Intel Rapid Storage now Recycle Bin error
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