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How to get rid of a external mouse?

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    How to get rid of a external mouse?

    Hello again. I had this problem where I could not edit the settings to my trackpad and realized that it looks like it thinks I have a mouse installed into my second port and I did a few days ago plug in one of my wireless mouses. Here is the picture of what I see Screenshot by Lightshot. Now I was wondering how I could get rid of that and have it recognize the Synaptics Trackpad/Touchpad and probably say Synaptics Touchpad and have their symbol by it. Then I would be able to edit the setting I need to do. Thanks in advance!

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    "How to get rid of a external mouse?" Set a mouse trap outside? :-)

    You should be able to go to control panel/device manager and find the mouse and uninstall it HOWEVER, many track pads in my past show up as a mouse and the settings are found in control panel/mouse so be sure this isn't your track pad.

    If it is a mouse, when you uninstall it reboot with trackpad attached and windows should find it. If this is a builtin trackpad be sure you don't have an F key that turns it off and on.
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    Weird isnt it. My Device manager thinks I have 6 keyboards. I just leave it as for me its not causing any issues.
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    Well now it says I have a touchpad but when I click on mouse settings it shows this..Screenshot by Lightshot
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    It may actually be connected "internally" to the PS2 port of the motherboard. The actual physical plug isn't there but the wires connect to the PS2 port circuitry on the motherboard. The early track pads actually emulated a mouse. As far as the OS was concerned it was a mouse.
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How to get rid of a external mouse?
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