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Darn, my printer doesn't work

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    Have you tried both of the installers in devices and printers. I done 1 and didn't work at all. then done the other and selected have disk went to the drivers and installed that way. I then ran the actual setup.exe as I received error that printer settings were wrong.
    and it working fine so far. computer been restarted and shutdown since installation

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    My Win7 computer is 64bit and the printer works fine using the WU driver. I have (had) Win8 on this computer and a 32bit version on my old laptop. Printer doesn't work on either the 64bit desktop or the 32bit laptop USB or shared from my 32bit XP computer. I've tried the WU driver, the latest driver from Samsung as well as their "Universal" driver. Grr.
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    WTF. It's working on my 32bit laptop now. I plugged the printer into my XP machine, shared it, then let the Win8 32bit laptop find the shared printer ("Advanced printer setup") and install the driver. Seems like first time around it didn't work, then I tried again and ... voila! Now to try it on my 64bit desktop....
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    On my 64bit Win8 machine I navigated to my shared printer on my XP 32bit machine and right-click "Connect" to the shared printer. Got a little notice about "loading driver". I was able to print to this shared printer now. Then I moved the printer to my Win8 computer and connected by USB and got the same error trying to print a Test Print. I noticed that it was using the "Samsung Universal Print Driver" though, so I changed that to the printer-specific driver and now it's working! I don't understand what happened.
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    Not working again. The printer works if I run it shared on my XP machine, but soon as I plug it in with the USB cable it errors out. All the settings seem the same as with Win7, so I give up for now. I'll still play around with Win8 on my old laptop.
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    I've got the same problem. Crazy thing is, my printer WORKED in the Developer Preview, so I expected no problems in Consumer Preview...

    Unfortunately, the printer just plain does not work. Drivers fully installed, windows shows no errors in device manager. Print Test Page reports no errors either, it's just... the test page does not print.

    A bit miffed off, because like I said, it worked in developer preview. There's no reason it shouldn't work in consumer preview except for the usual suspects of "intentionally disabling older hardware to force upgrades"....
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    I tried Jimbo's trick of creating a local port and mapping it to a shared printer. That works when the printer is plugged into my XP computer, but it worked that way anyway. I tried mapping it to my own computer, but a Print Test Page just goes into an endless loop. I think my printer worked under the Dev Preview, too, but I wouldn't swear to it.
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Darn, my printer doesn't work
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