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No Turbo Boost and Core Parking in Windows 8

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    Quote Originally Posted by my2cents View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Hopachi View Post
    Thanks for noticing this guys.

    I didn't tested my i5 in details and didn't saw any problems yet.

    On the other hand the intel q6600 quad seems to have ony 1 physical processor and 3 logical, reported in Task Manager. This seems to be a bug.
    It's a quad core with 2 physical and 2 logical or 4 physical procs (1 to 3 combination doesn't look real to me).
    @Hopachi: Did you, by chance, upgrade your CPU after installing Windows?
    Good idea. Thanks for bringing it up again.

    No I didn't. In Device Manager or by Intel installers I presume?

    But there were tons of updates (software and hardware) in the meantime...
    That post is nearly a year old and the machine was running on RP and 8.0 then. In the meantime those older machines use Win7 and where I use, test and see 8.1 running there are no CPU issues anymore.

    If new issues will be seen somewhere, I will report them here on the forums.


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    I use, test and see 8.1 running there are no CPU issues anymore.
    That's wonderful news! Glad we didn't have to go there!

    Best regards,

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No Turbo Boost and Core Parking in Windows 8
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