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ctrl and shift working simultaneously, annoying error

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    ctrl and shift working simultaneously, annoying error

    i have a keyboard error that is really putting a hamper on my work right now. this started yesterday, but i can't recall when exactly it started happening.

    i have a steel series apex keyboard and windows 8 64-bit

    when i press either of these four keys, it shows me on my keyboard settings software and on the on-screen keyboard from windows 8 - that all four are being pressed simultaneously
    = left-shift, left-ctrl, right-shift, right-ctrl.
    it doesn't matter which of the four i press - all four are treated like they're being pressed down.
    also if i press alt, it thinks both alts are being pressed.

    i have tried;
    unplugging, plugging back in
    restarting my computer
    putting keyboard settings to default
    uninstalling and reinstalling all keyboard drivers/software
    scanning/fixing registry errors

    this is the first computer problem i've run into where i can't find a solution, so it's frustrating

    also i've tried three different keyboards, a logitech g15, and a standard dell keyboard; they all do produce the same error.

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    Hi ramzilla.

    Just out of interest did you look into the sticky keys to see if some kind of combination has been activated?
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    yeah, everything is unticked. looked through and didn't see anything out of the ordinary.
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    Welp, didn't get solved through this forum but - through just using my computer, opening and closing every software I could think of that I've been using, it fixed itself. I'm afraid for it to come back since I don't know how it started. I have a small feeling that it was somehow related to After Effects / Premiere combo, because that's when it went away is when i started opening and closing those.
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    okay the problem came back randomly
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ctrl and shift working simultaneously, annoying error
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