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Ram for Z87 Sabertooth

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    Ram for Z87 Sabertooth

    I want to install 16gig of ram on a Z87 Sabertooth Motherboard and have run into a problem.
    I getdifferent opinions from various sites.
    I want to install the maximum speed without overclocking, some say 1866mhz and some say 1600mhz.
    Can anyone advise me what is correct?

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    Best bet is to go with average RAM at 1600 MHz. Not any fancy gaming RAM, not any fancy performance this or that and not anything marketed as Oh WOW.

    The effect of RAM speed timings and frequency differences are so little that the only way to measure is by actual RAM benchmarking. Real-world activities like encoding video/audio and things of that nature literally show the exact same results. If it takes 20 seconds to encode an mp3, it's going to take 20 seconds to encode the mp3.

    Further, what I have noticed over the years is that the systems with most trouble are always the ones where people thought it well to install "performance" RAM.

    Stick to the average product meant for the general public at 1600 MHz and you'll be quite happy.

    All that being said, just for correctness, Newegg does show that it can use 1866 MHz: - ASUS SABERTOOTH Z87 LGA 1150 Intel Z87 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard
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    The CPU defines the standard speeds your memory can run at and the motherboard must support those speeds without overclocking if that is your goal. Here's mine:

    Click image for larger version
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    Thank you for your advice
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    I have had good luck with Crucial Ballistix RAM and I'm overclocking my system using it and I have been for a year with no issues. Be sure the RAM you choose supports SPD.
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    For years, has been the reference site for users, technicians and Ram Sellers alike.
    When I sold ram with a professional ram seller at computer shows, we kept an open line to "" all day while at the show.

    When I'm at a customers home and the subject of increasing ram comes up, I just immediately go to "" and download their ramtest. Then run the test and it will tell you what you already have and what you can add to max out your ram.
    If desired, you can purchase that ram right there on their site and have it mailed to your home. Nothing is any more accurate or faster. All of the ram that Crucial uses is made by "Micron", the finest ram you can buy, and guaranteed for life.

    In all the years I've been in the computer business I've never had to replace a single stick of Micron ram. The ONLY ram I've ever replaced was made by either Kingston or Spectek.

    Good Luck and Happy Computing!
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Ram for Z87 Sabertooth
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