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Is 2 pounds heavy for a Tablet? Is 11.6 sceen is too big?

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    Is 2 pounds heavy for a Tablet? Is 11.6 sceen is too big?

    I am getting a 11.6 inch Windows 8 tablet(Acer Iconia W700) for my birthday and weight is 2 pounds.

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7 and i can hold on it on 1 hand for a long time and the 7 inch sceen is good and very portable.

    I know this is may be a stupid question because i am a builder.

    But i was wondering is 2 pounds heavy for a tablet for to hold on 1 hand for a long time?
    And is 11.6 inch sceen too big and is it still portable enough?

    What tablet size do you prefer? everyone

    Wrote this on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.

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    I only have the Microsoft Surface pro 2 to compare it with as devices I use fairly regularly. This has a 10.6 inch screen and weighs in at 2 pounds. This is of course heavier and thicker than some of it competitors, although some of its hardware does bring some fairly solid positives.

    Billy it really does depend on what you are going to be doing with your device. I do not think this is a direct comparison for your Samsung Galaxy tab 2.

    With the Acer device you are buying you are putting it more in the range of the Surface Pro 2 and we could even look at this in comparison to a MacBook Pro 13inch. This is is going to be very similar hardware if we are going to look at it from a compute level.

    Although both the Surface and the Acer weight around 2lb if you look at the MacBook Pro it weights in at 4.5lb your new device weighs in at a pretty good weight.

    So I would say your new device is going to more looking at how we could imagine most laptop design to mould in the very near future across a heterogeneous range of hardware vendors. Changing from having a fixed factor laptop working style to more dynamic tablet feel with a touch screen and the ability to by user choice to clip on extra accessories for example a keyboard with touchpad; to on demand be able to change from working with mobility in focus to change in to a laptop work mode. This can be done by the use of docks to be able to multiscreen, keyboards, mice and so much more.

    This is being seen to creep in to enterprise environments especially where you have mobile workers for example sales reps. They find that having this tablet/laptop approach to there hardware a great enable for business productivity. Let me give an example of this sticking with a sales rep with a very mobile working life analogy. They spend a lot of there time going to meetings and each meeting means new notes more information they need to jot this down, it is very annoying keeping pad after pad after pad of notes, also very annoying lugging round a heavy laptop everyday and a clunky way of jotting down notes in a meeting and almost gives a more impersonal feeling in certain scenarios. The mind-set change is the ability to walk in with there hardware giving them the ability have a tablet form, utilising business productivity applications such as one note and stylus they can write all there notes to a central repository. Also they can use neat features like write to text from OneNote and all there notes will be converted to text from there handwriting. Although getting back to point this makes the meeting much easier for them to take notes and with longer battery life and lighter form they are able to move from meeting to meeting all day long. They then get home and want to do something which needs a bit more compute power and possibly an extra screen we all feel powerful having emails on one screen and excel on the other . Although they need to check through there notes as well… They do not want to be switching from their Acer device for example back to their chunky laptop and vice versa. They just want to walk in slap it in to a dock and get cracking. That is the way I see the mind set changing you take one device, which can take that hybrid position. Then the user can make it work the way they need it for the purpose on hand.

    This I feel this is complemented greatly by Microsoft’s direction with a agnostic look at devices for the future where each different form factor will have the same UI to deliver across the board consistency for the end user.

    Anyway I massively digressed somehow throughout this post if you analyse the your new Acer compared to a tablet such as the ipad air for weight yes you are going to being slightly disappointed it is going to chunky. Although if you look it as a form factor you interchange between a “large tablet”/ laptop you will be much more satisfied with the weight.

    I hope you have an amazing birthday and love your new device I am jealous.

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    Because i had to get a large tablet that is over 10,5 inch because of far better specs and more powerful and faster CPU.

    As of right now the small Window 8 Tablets(Dell Venue 8) with a low end CPU(Intel Atom) and small RAM and that did not suit my needs.

    And the large Windows 8 Tablets(Acer Iconia w700) have a Better CPU(I3, I5 core) and more RAM that will handle more heavy tasks like Video editing, Building websites) and better for gaming.

    Yes when i get my Acer Iconia w700 i be expecting it will be more heavy and this Windows 8 Tablet will be my main computer and most probably won't be using my laptop near as much anymore and it is more powerful than laptop as well.

    So i had no choice to get a large Windows 8 Tablet that is more powerful and can handle heavy tasks smooth and be good enough for gaming.

    But it would be good if small Windows 8 Tablets have the same power as large Windows 8 Tablets with better CPU(I3, I5 Core) and more RAM instead of low end CPU(Intel Atom).

    I am sure it is going to happen in the future for small Windows 8 Tablets.
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    Size is relative to some. Example being I just got my new laptop this week and some would say 15.6" and over 5 Lbs is to big. Others like myself prefer 15.6" and I could careless about weight as I care more about thickness and the design of the form factor. It all boils down to personal choice.
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    For me, 13.3 inch is perfect. 10.1 is too small, 10.6 is iffy. But 13.3 inch, YES.

    As for weight, two pounds is a bit on the heavier side, but unless if you're carrying it with one hand ALL day, it's trivial.
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    I am new the the windows 8 tablet scene since I have been an iPad owner since iPad 2. Currently have an iPad rMini cellular model that I use daily. It is my main driver when it comes to daily computing. I have a Mac Mini upstairs that runs my itunes server for my TVs in the house.

    I bought back in January an Asus Transformer T100 (64GB model) and so far like it. I like the option to hook it up to a TV or monitor via HDMI mini to HDMI cable. The provided keyboard doc with USB 3.0 is nice too. Allows me to charge the device via micro USB and still use the USB 3 port for the ext HDD.

    I just bought a Dell Venue 8 Pro to give that a try as well. The iPad rMini is the best form factor for me. Small and portable but smooth and powerful. Overall I always wanted a windows powered tablet though but have gotten use to the ipad device for daily needs.

    I figure whichever one of the two windows powered tablets I do not like I will resell or return if it isn't too late. I also love the fact that they cost about half or less than my ipad rMini.

    In the end you have to decide what meets your needs most and what you are willing to live with. The Dell Venue doesn't have nearly as many ports on it as the Asus but I am still interested to see if the smaller form factor is what I am looking for. I want something that I can use one handed and slide into a large pocket to take with me. I also like the fact that the ipad has cellular though where as the Dell and Asus do not yet. I don't want to have to tether my phone to it each time, draining the battery.

    Good luck with the Acer though.
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    Windows 8.1

    Ah, the eternal debate...tablet...laptop...desktop. I have a W8.1 Pro desktop and an Asus T100 64GB. I've had iPads for years. They are good for many things, but I got tired of the things iPads didn't have and couldn't do---that's when I got the T100. It's been a very useful device and a pleasant surprise as to speed and usefulness. Now, I would have preferred a MS Surface Pro 2 just to have one device (no separate desktop), but as someone pointed out I would have had to pony up at least $1,500+ for the one I wanted. The desktop I have is a good unit as is the T100. If I add up what the two cost together it is half what the Surface Pro 2 would cost by itself. As someone else said, personal preference, job needs and finances all determine which device(s) we'll end up with. For my budget needs at present the desktop and the T100 work very well...I still have an iPhone but plan to go with a W8 phone when I can.
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Is 2 pounds heavy for a Tablet? Is 11.6 sceen is too big?
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