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Do you think Tablets will replace laptops in the future?

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    Do you think Tablets will replace laptops in the future?

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7(my 1st tablet) and had it since Christmas day and i am very happy with it and i don't use my laptop as much because of my tablet.

    I am getting a 11.6 inch Windows 8(64-bit) tablet(Acer w700) with i5, 1.7GHz and 4GB of RAM with HD graphics 4000 it be able to play hardcore games like FIFA, F1 2013 on medium(not on high) settings and do content creation stuff(video editing, building websites) and this Windows 8 Tablet will be my main computer and most probably won't be using my laptop near as much anymore.

    Because it is more portable and lighter than my laptop and i can take my Windows 8 tablet on holiday instead of taking my laptop and it is more powerful than my laptop(it has a i3, 1.4GHz) with Windows 8(64-bit) and but it has a 6GB of RAM and a good graphics card NVIDIA GeForce 720M.

    And I can see in 2/5 years time Tablets will be more powerful(better processors/OS, more RAM and better for gaming and be able to do more (advanced)stuff than tablets we have right now..

    This is why Netbooks are dying because of Tablets.

    There are people have replaced there laptops with tablets and all so tablet sales have over taken PC sales in late 2013 and will go up to over 75% by 2017.

    Tablets are getting more popular for people every year.

    I think (Andriod/IOS/Windows 8)Tablets will replace Laptops in the future.

    Do you think Tablets will replace laptops in the future? What do you think?

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    I think perhaps some hybrid might. Keyboards are a necessity. Unless you find a way to integrate them into a tablet without taking up too much visual space, making the keys too small, or the tablet too large/small, then you are pretty much stuck with a laptop.

    However, having a keyboard included with a tablet purchase would make them better than a laptop, because then they become 'hybrid'
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    Hi there
    For your needs a tablet is probably just fine.

    However imagine trying to translate several documents from a single source, run complex engineering applications, do a lot of creative content -- often where you need large external screens (and several of them) the drawbacks of tablets become pretty obvious. For pure consumption (email, facebook type stuff, movie watching etc) a tablet works just fine but NO ONE has yet come up with a better way of cutting and pasting text using anything more convenient than a mouse -- most people I know still use a mouse on a laptop in preference to the touchpad, and almost anybody can type far faster on a classical keyboard than by using any type of on screen touch keyboard.

    In any case if you add a mouse and a keyboard to a tablet -- you've essentially got a PC --albeit hugely underpowered compared with a PC -- and unless you've got a Windows tablet you'd essentially have to do all your work in full screen mode -- very inconvenient - especially for the translating documents example I gave above. What about also copying content from several sources / sites too.

    Tablets, like e-readers are fine for a lot of stuff but if you NEED a "Real computer" then the desktop / laptop doesn't have any alternative currently or even in the foreseeable future.

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    Once a tablet can have a full size keyboard, with a full sized touchpad and can have some sort of a hinge that would allow me to have it sitting on my lap (like it is now), while i am sitting on the couch and not have it tip or fall (like my laptop), then maybe. Until then, I'm on my Ultrabook....ALWAYS. Trying to accomplish the above with my Surface Pro is just an exercise in futility....therefore I hardly ever touch the thing.
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    No, I don't believe so. One of the biggest draw backs is the issue of tablets and I shall throw in laptops, the inability of being able to be left on for any length of time. Even desktops need to be properly "cooled". But even the simplest desktop is a workhorse compared to the others. Oh and I forgot to add that from what I have heard, there battery life is not all that up to par. One is basically as mobile as the next outlet. Now a tablet and I shall throw in the smartphones, too, are I guess great, if you just want to check your facebook status, but if you really use a computer? No. I like my big screen and keyboard.
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    My laptop is a desktop replacement with a 17" screen which pretty much never gets moved. I don't think I want to lug a 17" tablet around. I suppose I could just hook up the tablet to a larger screen and connect a full size keyboard and mouse but then would have all that separate stuff do deal with. I like having it all in one unit.

    I hope laptops don't go away anytime soon.
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    I could imagine in the near future having a phone, entering my TV room, turning on the TV with an app, and having a video streamed from the internet to my phone to my TV. I would be able to move to a different room (and therefore TV) by pausing on the phone.

    Battery replacements would have 12+ hours of juice. Would be able to power a wireless PC monitor, mouse and keyboard via the phone in true HD, etc. Dream on!
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    Both me and my wife have replaced our laptops with tablets.
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    If they have a tablet with a 24" screen, maybe - provided they can put a 4GHz quad CPU into it so that I can make my video encodings.
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    90 something percent of my computing needs are done via iPad rMini or my Asus Transformer T100 hybrid. My desktop runs the media server for the house but that is about it. The rest of the time I use my tablets. Still trying to figure out which one I will stick with and which I will sell. The ipad I have used for awhile now and I am very familiar with. The windows tablets not so much. Still trying to get my head around the different options for both.

    Either way though, yes, I think tablets are going to take over laptops.
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Do you think Tablets will replace laptops in the future?
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