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Do you think Tablets will replace laptops in the future?

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    Well I never thought a tablet would replace my 15.6" Acer Aspire, I have had a 7" Android tablet for quite a while and that definitely wouldn't. However, I recently bought a 10.1" Asus Vivotab Smart at Amazon (uk) for only 250 which was approx. half the price from what it was a year ago. It was my understanding that is was designed as a competitor to the I-Pad. It is a fantastic machine with 64 Gb and 2Gb of Ram and a micro SD slot. As a touch typist I can't operate a keyboard one finger at a time. So I bought a keyboard/case, but of course that is too small as well to touch type on. So I started practising using the onscreen longhand keyboard with a cheap stylus. The computer soon picked up my writing style and that is how this post has been written. I also studied the "Speech Recognition" method for dictating & again the tablet is getting used to my voice. I very rarely use my laptop now, just to download MS Updates. So in conclusion I'm saying that the absence of a keyboard doesn't have to be a deterrent for tablet usage.
    I don't think I will ever go back to my laptop full-time again, except in emergencies. Everything on my laptop transferred automatically to my tablet, including all my apps. I might add this tablet's battery lasts 9 hours, way longer than my laptop.

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    What a strange question
    Tablets and laptops are both inferior.
    I don't care i they replace each other.
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Do you think Tablets will replace laptops in the future?
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