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Applications will not show correct device names

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    Applications will not show correct device names

    Hi Guys,

    I have 2 webcams attached to my PC and originally Device Manager showed them as USB Camera and USB Camera.

    I successfully changed the names in Device Manager and registry to USB Camera 1 and USB Camera 2.

    Applications such as Skype and Multicam show them as USB Camera and USB2.0 Camera.

    Either where do the apps get device names from ( I thought it was Registry ) or what am I missing

    Any Ideas please folks


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    Perhaps changing the device installation settings to something other than what you have selected at the moment. If I had to guess, I would think your computer automatically downloads device info for you.

    So you might prefer windows NOT automatically update device info for you. An picture example below where windows DOES update device info:

    Click image for larger version
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    DustSailor Many thanks for the reply.

    I have already changed that setting as I got cheesed off when the pc decided to reboot just when I did not want it to.

    My problem showed on reboot so there was no update carried out.

    Again though Thanks for the thought

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    Hey mate, does this help?
    To rename device:

    1. Click the Devices node.
    2. In the results pane, select the device that you want to rename.
    3. On the Action menu, click Rename. Type the name of the new device.

    • If the device is not bound, the device is renamed immediately.
    • If the device is bound to a process, an error message appears. You must remove the device binding with the process and then rename the device.

    The last part is what I wanted to mention ^. I have never done it before, however, as I've never needed to. Try an internet search, or you might wait for someone to reply here who knows more about the problem than I. Good luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by kaybee327 View Post
    where do the apps get device names from ( I thought it was Registry ) or what am I missing
    The .inf file that installs the driver. Well, that's where the device itself actually gets its name.
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    Masterchief thanks for that.

    I have checked inf file for Manycam and yes name is in inf but no mention of other camera names. Manycam shows :

    and Skype just shows the bottom two.
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    Omitted from previous post

    Registry shows :
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Applications will not show correct device names
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