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installed extra ram, won't boot

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    What does the BIOS report for the memory? You should be able to enter the BIOS before it attempts to load the operating system. If you don't boot into the BIOS at all then it's a memory incompatibility issue. Doesn't the ASUS board require the same type (speed) in the respective slots? Mine does.

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    My guess then is if they are a matched pair that the new one is a faulty stick of ram.
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    I tried it out in my other machine, and it does the same shtick. the computer doesn't beep or boot, it doesn't get to bios, just power turns on and that's all.
    I will return it. it's a shtick stick.
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    Yea, I was going to say put the new stick in the slot that the original one is working in. See if it will boot with just the new stick in that slot. If not, you can bet either bad stick or incompatible.
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    Hi, I tried one more thing, and there were some results.
    I took all the ram out of my old computer, and put in just this stick.
    result: it beeped and beeped, but didn't get to bios.

    This doesn't surprise me so much, because the mobo on the old pc is used to seeing 533 mhz, whereas the new stick is 1333 mhz. Sounds to me like the bios might need to be updated to make it work.

    now, I am not about to flash the bios on my old pc just to test out this memory stick and see if it boots, but this is my question:
    should I still assume the stick is defective, or does the beeping show that it is not?
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    That dredged something from the back of my mind! Have a look here, it might help?

    POST Beep Codes
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    Wait a second, 533 MHz should be DDR2 and 1333 DDR3, they do not even fit in the same slot. Unless you mean that 533 MHz is reported like that in let's say CPU-Z or other program like that and being DDR (double data rate) it means 533 * 2 = 1666 MHz so DDR3 1333 MHz should work on it. In case that other MB is one of the rare beasts that has both, DDR2 And DDR slots you would have to take out DDR2 memory before plugging in DDR3.
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    thanks for chart.
    this is the one I heard:
    1 The memory refresh circuitry has failed

    now, question is like this: does it mean a defective memory stick, or a bios that doesn't know what to do with a perfectly fine stick?

    on the new computer, where I want to use it, the memory stick does not cause any beeping at all.
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    count mike, you are right: " Unless you mean that 533 MHz is reported like that in let's say CPU-Z"

    yes, that's what I mean. So, the apparent verdict is that the memory stick should have worked, but didn't. correct?
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    Well, it's just a polite way of saying: " Your memory stick is screwed, take it back and get a new one". New processors have memory controller incorporated so the other one would not wok either.
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installed extra ram, won't boot
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