Greetings to all, I have been running win 8.1 for a while. At first Bluetooth was working fine. Then last week Bluetooth stopped working. Why, I have got a clue. What I did is just reinstall the drivers from ASUS web site but to no avail. I have looked at 'Event Viewer' but there is no error message pertaining to Bluetooth. In 'Services' Bluetooth is running. I am stumped as far was why my phone that used to connect via Bluetooth to my rig is does not connect anymore. Most of all, I do not know where to look next to solve the issue. My rig has been acting funny recently in many other ways; ie, windows update tells me updates are there to be installed by the update page in 'windows update' is blank. May be different issue than the Bluetooth but I think all related for some reasons. I don't pretend to know anything about IT but would surely appreciate some help PS: I have loads of DCOM errors which I have mentioned in previous post. I have read all I can about DCOM but still can't understand what it is use for and how I can solve issue pertaining to DCOM. zongo saiba