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CPU Temps Inaccurate

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    CPU Temps Inaccurate


    I have just installed the below board using the hardware that is detailed in my specs on my profile. I have checked the CPU temps in the BIOS and this is reporting a temp of around 28c yet if I check in Windows I get the temps as shown in the attached screenshot. This is normal for a such a difference between the BIOS readings and Windows? Or could there be an issue somewhere?

    Please can someone advise,

    Many thanks,
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    Hello there wizkid,I am spotting such differences myself all the time.It should be correct,maybe CPU is really working a bit harder,preparing for upcoming changes,since you are in BIOS and every single setting change must be ready to be applied in the next few seconds upon the imminent reboot.Besides,have you compared temp fluctuations with CoreTemp or HWMonitor and your temp monitoring app?
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    Temp's look normal to me.

    @28 degrees Celsius converts to 82.4 Fahrenheit (28*1.8) + 32 = 82.4F
    @15 degrees Celsius converts to 59 Fahrenheit (15*1.8) + 32 = 59F

    I'd say the temp's being read by the bios seem more accurate.
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    AMD processors give inaccurate temp readings on idle but that information is not too important. Temps at maximum load are much more importanat. In addition some temperature reporting programs can give different readings, depending what they read from. HW Monitor and Aida tend to give most accurate ones. There's Speedfan too for fast but not very detailed temps as far as CPU is concerned.
    For your CPU maximum temperature is 62c but about 55c at full load is a "sweet spot" . Temp reading when in BIOS is not very informative since CPU is doing next to nothing "heavy" at that time.
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CPU Temps Inaccurate
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