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Are tablet screens prone to cracking?

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    Are tablet screens prone to cracking?

    Just wondering because I saw a couple of demo tablets on display at Target, and their screens were cracked. I don't know if they were abused, messed up by some heavy handed kids, or if it happened through normal use. Just something else for me to worry about

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    If you own any electronic devices you'll handle it with care (of course if you take precautions). Perhaps since it's a demo tablet the consumers abuse it intentionally. There are heavy duty screen protections and also tablet case/sleeves that you can buy at a reasonable price. Usually kids are more careless than adults.
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    I keep mine in it's folio case. I just didn't see how a tied down display model could get dropped or otherwise accidently damaged to the point of having spider web cracks across the entire screen. I know some "millennials" consider a cracked screen to be a status symbol, but I consider them to be morons.
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    I've never cracked a tablet screen and I have had plenty of them. But, I keep them in cases when not in use and I handle them with care. it's a glass screen so if its dropped or bent or what have you, it will break. Demo models are mishandled a lot because people know it's not their device. Its not uncommon for a demo model of a cell phone or tablet to have a broken screen.
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    Any screen can be prone to cracking if miss treated! Demo units get exactly that miss treated.

    If you own the device you will look after it like it is your own child.

    I like the analogy of rental cars are the fastest cars in the world. This because you do not own it so you push it to its very limit, speeding with no care and consideration for the car.
    Then of course if this was your car you would not be driving it like a lunatic

    So if you treat it with care for example a case and a screen protector you should have no issues. I have never cracked a screen, I've seen it done but that was just lack of respect and care for the equipment in hand.

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    Plenty of degenerates out there that just like to destroy things especially if they don't have to pay for it. Doesn't take that much if you want to break one. Most people try not to. Dropping on hard surface is the worst, not to mention what it will do to the device itself other than the screen.

    Don't worry so much.
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    The glass itself breaking on a tablet screen is kind of a huge laceration hazard. I've had to replace a broken glass screen on a Samsung GSIII note, believe you me that can cut you like a villain.

    But anyways, tablet screens aren't prone to breaking unless if you beat it to death and/or have gorilla hands.
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    I have a screen protection on mine, one of the biggest problem is especially for women, "rings". Like a diamond ring, I had a client who scratched it with her diamond ring and the thing got so bad it actually cracked. A tablet is a tablet no matter which company makes it, it needs some protection if it happens to fall or put down too hard. I also have a cover for mine for that reason
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Are tablet screens prone to cracking?
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