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Pc restarts at random points after getting Gtx 780ti

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    Pc restarts at random points after getting Gtx 780ti

    Hello, I'm crazykilla.

    I just got a Gtx 780ti, and after plugging it in, I've updated my board's drivers (msi x79a-gd45 8D), gpu drivers (non-beta, then 334.67 beta). Pc crashed before and after all of these updates. Screen goes black and pc stays on, sometime it boots back up and sometimes doesn't. No crashes have happened during gameplay yet, performance is great but pc crashes when I exit game/benchmark. I got a i7 3820 quad core, 1 gtx 780ti, msi x79a-gd45 8D, a GS800 corsair gaming power supply, intel all in one cpu liquid cooler and a western digital 2tb 6gb/s hdd. This thing uses a 8pin and 6pin power cables so maybe 800 watts isn't enough?

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    800 watts is more than enough.

    Please post the results of the tool: Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions
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    Here's the whole dump of the diagnosis.
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    Uninstall LogMeIn:

    LMIRfsDriver LMIRfsDriver.sys Mon Jul 14 12:26:56 2008 (487B7E50)
    lmimirr  lmimirr.sys  Tue Apr 10 18:32:45 2007 (461C108D)
    One crash was blamed on the NVIDIA card's audio driver and the other blamed on NVIDIA video driver. The above should fix it.

    If not, use Driver Fusion to remove all NVIDIA video (not chipset or storage or anything else) files and settings. If you had an AMD card previously, do the same for AMD video only.

    Reboot and install latest NVIDIA video driver from their site again.

    I think LogMeIn removal will fix it though - but you have the backup plan if not.

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    There are one or two other things we should do if it still crashes on you, like remove a certain driver manually and update another or two.

    Let me know how it goes and we will move on if needed.

    e1i63x64 e1i63x64.sys Wed Feb 29 22:25:14 2012 (4F4EEC1A) <<< We could update.

    GEARAspiWDM GEARAspiWDM.sys Thu May 03 15:56:17 2012 (4FA2E2E1) <<< We can remove.
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    Installed realtek hd audio drivers and so far no crashes, played for around half an hour and exited multiple games multiple times and no crashes. Ty for helping out.
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    You're welcome. Have fun.
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Pc restarts at random points after getting Gtx 780ti
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