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Forget super slow SSD's help me set up a Ram Drive

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    Forget super slow SSD's help me set up a Ram Drive

    The idea here is to mimic the operation of the Adaptive Memory Technology used in hybrid hard drives. -

    Hybrid Hard Drives use both a larger mechanical drive coupled with a smaller SSD drive. The software for the adaptive memory technology places the programs/windows functions you run the most into the small SSD drive so they will load/run faster using advanced algorithms.

    These drives are meant to give you SSD like speeds without the SSD price tag and for the most part, they do come close to SSD speeds. However a Ram Drive can be up to 10 times faster than an SSD. !!

    I just learned about these hybrid drives last night and thought well gee.. my 3.0 USB flash drive is faster than my hard drive anyway, so why isn't there some type of Adaptive Memory Technology for flash drives? This would be even better once USB 3.1 comes out.. it will be 10 times faster than USB 3.0!

    Well searching didn't find anything like AMT for flash drives. Someone should make it !! There is ReadyBoost or eBooster but this is not the same. Ready boost doesn't create any virtual ram drives via memory like a ram drive, it just cashes pre-fetched data into the (much slower than Ram) USB drive itself for a small performance boost. Using a ram drive/disk seems the best way to go. I have 8 gigs of system ram anyway so I plan to use 4 gigs for the ram disk.

    The thing is.. I don't know what that Adaptive Memory Technology decides is best to put on the SSD - or in my case, on the much faster than SSD, Ram Drive. The software is made to do the calculations automatically to decide whats needed on the SSD , I will not have that benefit so I'll need to configure the ram drive by hand. I plan to use Promo Ram Disk because it can save ram disk data on shutdown or at the click of a button. These programs have to save the data to hard drive temporarily because otherwise on shutdown all data is lost.

    Does anyone have good guide lines on how to pick and choose what to place on the ram drive for the best performance boost?
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    I am not a big believer in RAMDisks on a modern OS. They were useful on older systems (20+ years ago), but in a modern OS the system cache provides most of the advantages with fewer problems. And it is already in place with nothing for you to set up or configure.

    In most cases a RAMDisk is a poor use of memory from the point of overall system performance. In most cases the system will make better use of RAM than you can.
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    There might be some use for it, like when some programs insist on writing temporary files or cashing them, You would need a lot of RAM for that which would be unavailable to programs and actually slow system down because of that. With an SSD it is not as practical as with slower HDDs which take more resources to run.
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Forget super slow SSD's help me set up a Ram Drive
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