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Possibly dead GTX 580?

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    Possibly dead GTX 580?

    I had been having problems with Lineage 2 crashing and having white lines on the screen when it did, but i didn't pay too much attention to it since i thought that was the game's fault.
    Well, yesterday i was playing another game, and it crashed too, and not only that, the computer shutdown.
    When i restart it, the white lines are everywhere, even before the computer had been booted. Like on the Bios.

    So at first i cleaned my computer, opened my VGA, cleaned it, re-seated it in the PCI-E but the problem persists.
    I am able to boot into windows, however the resolution is 800x600, with white lines all over the screen. Not only that, on device manager it says "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)" on my GTX 580 .

    Is there something i can do? Some people suggest baking it, but i'm not sure if they're serious or that's just a prank.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Are all your drivers up to date? And have you tried using the on-board graphics without the graphics card installed?
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    Your chipset drivers have run amok.

    First thing is to update them all (chipset, storage (to be nice) ) from motherboard website.

    Let me know if you still have problems. If it is a software problem (most likely), we will fix it all up somehow.

    You'll be best off with following what Brink is showing to do here, then post results in this thread.
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    It was not the drivers, it really was the graphics card. A buddy of mine just lent me a VGA he's not using and the problem was gone.
    Also, drivers wouldn't be the problem irregardless cause the issue was happening in the BIOS.

    Anyhow, my advice to anyone who encounters this problem is:
    RMA it if you can, if you can't, some people suggest baking it. I don't know if this actually works, but many people vouch for it.
    As a last resort, i don't see why not.
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    Ok, cool.

    Yes, code 43 means that the graphics card can not communicate well the the Operating System. The most likely cause odds-wise is because there is not a good bridge driver installed. As you've found, faulty hardware can cause miscommunications too.

    Glad you've figured it all out.
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Possibly dead GTX 580?
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