Hi all,
So, I recently installed a new OEM drive in my computer, the same as the previous one. It's an HP Pavilion dm4 3170se, and the drive is a hybrid Seagate Momentus XT (500 gb). This particular model has an SSD 16gb partition that's supposed to make startup a lot faster. When I upgraded to windows 8 on the old drive, and on Windows 8 on the new drive, this partition is not configured. A screen pops up before startup that says 'cache disabled' or something -- I can take a screenshot of that for more details.

How can I configure this SSD to do what it did before, that is, the intelligent hybird SSD startup?

Additionally, since I've replaced the drive, my fan has been running near-constantly, and once on startup I got an error that the fan was malfunctioning, though I haven't gotten that error since. I installed the hard drive exactly like the other one was -- is there something easy that may be causing this fan problem?

Thanks for your help -- software I'm pretty adept at, but hardware problems are generally beyond me. I appreciate it.