I am running Win8.1 on an ASUS CM-1745 with a F2A85 mother board. PC came with a 2TB HD which I want to use exclusively for DATA (always had a separate data drive).

I have a "Hitachi Deskstar 7K500" 320 gig SATA drive (build date of 2007) that was originally loaded with VISTA but boxed after a month and shelved in 2007.

I unboxed the drive and disconnected the 2TB current drive and plugged in the Hitachi. I received a message on boot up, " The current BIOS setting do not fully support the boot device" it then gives instructions on how to get to the CSM area of the BIOS. I did go to that area, and I guess I have been out of the computer building too long (last PC was 2007 WinXP) because I see a lot of new terms and items.

Anyone placed an older drive in a Win8 machine and maybe familiar with the ASUS interface for the BIOS? I know the older drive may be a little slower, but I want to get this to work, which will allow me to test the USB boot stick and the Image Copy I made so I can try out some software and not worry about installing and uninstalling new photography software.

I have been reading here in the forum and didn't find a question like mine, unless I have looked in the wrong place.

Thank You for your help