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Issues with new Bluetooth Adapter and driver--no send/rec?

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    Issues with new Bluetooth Adapter and driver--no send/rec?


    I just installed a Bluetooth USB adapter that is supposed to automatically install the driver in Win 8 when plugged in. This did not happen. It showed the device as unknown and "no driver available." I know my system is updated and scanned for system issues. I was then able to install the driver from the CD. The device showed properly. Anyway, I have questions into the manufacturer, but there are some questions I could get answered better here.

    Note that I have had problems trying to pair the Win8 laptop with another laptop when testing. I will be testing it with other devices as I have time.
    My questions:
    Once Bluetooth is installed in Windows 8, is there supposed to be a Bluetooth icon in the Control Panel?

    Also, unlike where I've seen it on other systems with Bluetooth, why does the menu that appears when I right-click the Bluetooth icon in the notification area not have options to send or receive files? Is this because a device compatible with that feature is not connected via BT or is there a driver issue, etc.?

    Also, if I want to reinstall a driver/program for it, should I just uninstall it as normal first (Control Panel>Programs and Features>Choose>Uninstall)?It is listed as WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software. The driver is apparently Broadcom. Any reason to do a system restore, as I haven't noted any others issues as a result of the above?

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    Still testing some devices. But I reinstalled the software and driver. It seems to work now. My question about the software was answered: Just a Broadcom design in software that could use improvement, not an error.

    Though I do have another question if anyone knows the answer to this: When I use the Broadcom software that get installed to add a device (right-click the Bluetooth icon in notification area) and choose "Add a device," the "Windows 8" style PC Settings app opens (Devices section). When I add a device through the Win 8 app-style PC Settings>Devices as just noted, it adds the device to the DEVICE list in the Control Panel, and the Bluetooth window does not show any devices. Note: This is Win 8, not 8.1, so there is no separate Bluetooth section in the Win 8 app-style PC Settings. Is there anything I'm missing about the Win 8 version of adding a device? Any way to have control of the added devices from that page (PC Settings>Devices)?

    Also, if I want to get the control panel for "controlling" the bluetooth devices (connect, disconnect, send, etc.), I have to go through the Control Panel and Devices and find the device name (like headphones or a phone). From the Win 8 app-style PC Settings>Devices, the only "option" is to remove the listed device. Again, this is a bit annoying as the software opens to this page.

    And I understand you can add devices from the Bluetooth Devices (Control Panel location). However, there isn't a Bluetooth icon in my Control Panel, and I found Brink's instructions after pairing.

    Though, thanks again to Brink, I did add a shortcut to the Bluetooth folder (control panel version as I still haven't upgraded to 8.1). However, as previously noted, the devices paired (using the method above) do not appear there, but in the "regular" Devices window of the control panel, if I'm making sense.
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Issues with new Bluetooth Adapter and driver--no send/rec?
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