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System won't boot after changing hdd's around!?

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    System won't boot after changing hdd's around!?

    I have an ssd (c) to boot win 8 pro 64 bit with one hd for backup (b) and two other hdd's (d and e) to install all my games to and personal files. My ssd was mounted on a 3.5" adaptor in a 5.25" bay so was partially floating so i ordered a 5.25" adaptor to fix it to.

    Also my hdd for backup isnt used often so i bought a 5.25" hot swap bay for it so i can just plug in when i need to backup instead of having it constantly on.

    When i plugged the drives back in i changed the sata 6 slots around a little and since then i can't get the pc to boot!

    The hot swap bay seems to work power-wise but can't get to find if it works fully because i cant boot.

    It seems to be a problem with the ssd as my asus sabertooth 990fx (rev 1) shows a constant "boot_device_led" light when it is connected but not with the others.

    Basically when i turn the pc on it goes through POST but the mobo boot light stays on meaning its a boot problem?

    I tried resetting the cmos a few times, changing ssd to different sata slots including the two sata 3 slots too, changing the sata connections from ahci to ide and back in the bios and none of this works.

    One thing ive yet to do is turn off smart check in the hope it is a smart problem and will allow me to boot past the asus screen to try and repair the drive.

    I'm not sure if its the ssd needs repairing or some kind ofrepair on the boot part of the drive or bios (boot choice)?

    In the bios boot options it shows "boot manager" but i'm not sure the bcd is correct if ive moved hdd's around?

    Thank you in advance,


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    ASUS Sabretooth 990FX [Rev 1] has a UEFI/BIOS firmware, make sure Windows Boot Manager is first boot device.
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    Thanks for ur reply. Ive tried booting the system with only the ssd in so therefore it would have to be the first boot option
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    Click image for larger version

    In the listing in the screenshot above the
    P0: WDC2500AAKK-073CA1: Windows Boot Manager
    P0: WDC2500AAKK-073CA1
    are the same Physical Drive.
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    ok, when i've looked at the boot options i only see an entry for windows boot manager, not another entry for the same drive (ssd). does this mean my drive needs repairing?
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    NO, Just make sure Windows Boot Manager is first boot device.
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    Right, this is EXACTLY what is happening:

    I turn the pc on with only the ssd in the first sata 6 slot. Asus title screen pops up, Jimcron screen pops up, asus title screen, jimcron, title screen and it seems to freeze at that. While this is happening the boot device led light has come on and stays on. I cannot go to the bios (as it is supposed to be accessed after the title screen goes off again) to see what boot options it gives me with the ssd plugged in.

    If i unplug the ssd and there arent any drives connected then i can get to the bios and the only boot option present is the windows boot manager entry.

    Any ideas?
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    I am realising the downside of owning an ssd - its harder to tell if it still even works! You can't hear it spin up or anything :/

    Well i connected my ssd to a sata/usb adapter and connected it to my macbook pro laptop. I used disk utility and when i connected the drive nothing happened which would suggest that the ssd has died on me completely! (?)
    If this isnt the case please someone let me know because i'm gutted right now. Seriously, i can't believe this! I literally swapped around a couple of drives and my pc has been annihilated! Wtf!?
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    Did you Windows on HDD?
    If yes.
    Try booting Windows than try the SATA/USB adapter.

    Well i connected my ssd to a sata/usb adapter and connected it to my macbook pro laptop.
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    Ur first sentence is a bit confusing mate.
    I don't have windows installed on hdd n don't have a hdd that blank unless i could use an external usb hdd to install it to?

    Also the only way i could connect the usb adapter is if i get to the boot menu before connecting the ssd because it stops the bios from continuing any further (even when ssd is connected via usb!)

    I have already tried booting my win install dvd and choosing repair computer but it said it failed
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System won't boot after changing hdd's around!?
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