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Can anyone recommend an alarm clock app that doesn't suck?

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    win 8

    Can anyone recommend an alarm clock app that doesn't suck?


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    Do a search in the MS store.

    Windows Store - Search for Apps
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    Thanks, I have looked there. I've tried several of them and they are terrible... can't set alarm, won't keep settings, etc. Thus my request for recommendations.

    You'd think this would be an easy app to write - the one on my Nexus tablet works great.
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    I always use old's my alarm clock next to my bed. Wind it up, set the time....and the bells drive you

    I don't know why one would need an alarm clock on a PC for...but I'm sure they have there reasons...just none for me. Good luck in your search.
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    I'm a fan of this gadget:

    SphereTimer - Windows 7 Desktop Gadget

    It has a few skins featuring assorted colors.

    You'd have to install the Windows Sidebar, since 8 doesn't come equipped with it.
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    This is something that comes built into Windows 8.1. If your PC doesn't support connected standby (chances are it doesn't as no x86 as far as I know even supports that power state, only ARM), it won't function like on your nexus how it rings the alarm from sleep.
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    Here are a few ones. CoolTimer may best fit your bill.

    Five Best Windows Timer Applications
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Can anyone recommend an alarm clock app that doesn't suck?
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