I have 8.1 running well, apparently, on a Samsung notebook, late model. I want to use it as HTPC.
Have it setup with Ethernet cabled, AC Charger-powered, HDMI out to big Sony HDTV, and a USB-wire-connected combo keyboard/touchpad. It all works ok [thanks to AMD's Catalyst] if I just crank it up, shut the lid, and use it.

the trouble is with how to 'park' it and get it going again later. I have the Power Plan options set to turn off monitor [tv] after a few minutes idle, and to sleep after 15 minutes or so. I'm needing a way to wake it without having to open the cabinet, flip the lid on the laptop, use the power button [as that causes other issues... it seems to forget which display its using etc].
On other laptops [thinkpad, HP, etc] I've done this with, using Windows 7, I would find one or more USB ports via which a keyboard could wake the system when the Enter key is hit [I use a thinkpad x120e like this every day and it never fails to wake]
None seem to recognize anything [there are 2 USB 3.0 on the side where the ac power jack is, and 2 usb 2.0 on the other side]. I don't see any options to have the "HID DEVICE" wake the system.

Can someone suggest a path here??