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ASUS VivoTab ME400C W8.1 no longer recognizing BT keyboard

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    ASUS VivoTab ME400C W8.1 no longer recognizing BT keyboard

    My BT keyboard is no longer discoverable by my ASUS Vivotab ME 400C.

    Seemed to suddenly stop working after a couple of incidents where a letter would be repeated 1 hundred times. (i.e. "eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" for "e")

    The keyboard was recognized by my Blackberry and is working.

    I went to Windows Help and Support section and it said to go to PC Settings/Devices/Bluetooth and turn Bluetooth on, but I was unable to locate a place to turn Bluetooth off or on.

    I went into Device Manager\Bluetooth\Bluetooth Radio and found status "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems (Code 43)."

    This may have occurred quite shortly after I installed an ASUS BIOS update, but I think it was a couple of days at least. I installed Windows 8.1 when it was initially released and had problems with SDBUS shutting down the tablet. The BIOS update fixed that.

    I checked the Driver on the Bluetooth radio and it says it's the best one for the device.

    I thought maybe I should uninstall/re-install the driver but I've never done this. That is I don't know if the Bluetooth icon will disappear altogether or something wierd.

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    Finally got it fixed.
    Went to ASUS website for support and downloaded a package that included driver updates. (download not trivial)
    It downloaded a zip file that wouldn't open automatically when clicked on and finally extracted the .exe file.
    Once that ran, I restarted as directed.

    Still not recognizing that a bluetooth device was there. That is, under PC Settings, Bluetooth did not show up in the list.
    Went to Asus Liveupdate application and noticed an update to the ME400 software.
    Installed that.

    This time, the Bluetooth showed up under PC Settings. It was on but wouldn't recognize the keyboard although it showed in the list of devices. I removed the keyboard. Still no recognition, although it recognized a Samsung device down the hall, so I knew Bluetooth was working again.

    I turned Bluetooth off; turn it on again and was able to get my keyboard recognized.
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    windows 8.1

    This continues to be a recurring problem and I believe it kicks off again every time that Windows installs an update.
    The clue is the continuous repetitive letter (for some reason it's always been the letter "e") and then Bluetooth goes dead.

    If there are no updates to the drivers on the ASUS website, I have to rerun the .exe driver file and select the REPAIR option.

    Once that reruns, Bluetooth will show up as up and running and will recognize all the other BT devices except my own keyboard. For that I have to wait until ASUS Liveupdate shows an update to install to the ME400C software.

    I run that update. Then turn off BT and then reboot, not restart.

    Turn BT back on and the keyboard should be working.

    ---- wonder if I should turn off automatic Windows updates and just be alerted when I have them ---
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    I have had this exact same issue and found there was a recent windows update that updates your "bluetooth controller broadcom driver." Installing that driver 'will' create the problems you have stated.

    For now, you might have to turn off automatic updates like you stated and make sure you don't check to update that driver.

    The specific name shown on the update page is: Broadcom - Bluetooth Controller - Broadcom Serial Bus Driver over UART Bus Enumerator
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ASUS VivoTab ME400C W8.1 no longer recognizing BT keyboard
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