Hello! I recently purchased the Dell Inspiron 15R directly from Dell in December 2013. I upgraded from 8 to 8.1, and installed some of the main programs I used on my old laptop (Chrome, iTunes, Office 2010, Dropbox, Google Drive). I don't understand technology well so bear with me please.
Today, I installed Microsoft Office 2010, the 64 bit version. It has worked fine, and I wonder if it is related to the 2 new drivers in the "My PC" folder. One is titled "Local Disk (W:)", and has 29.8 MB free of 349 MB, and the other is titled "PBR Image (X:)", and has 727 MB free of 12.2 GB.
Click image for larger version
All I transferred from my old computers were strictly the documents, photos, music, and videos via USB. I installed the programs again from the website or disc and did not transfer their folders or applications from my old computer. So I have no idea where these came from, or why they are already full.
Both of these new drives are full, so I attempted myself to check for system errors, and while the PBR Image was fine, I received this error window from the Local Disk:
Click image for larger version

I would like to know:
1. Where they came from and their purpose.
2. How I can free their space up.
3. How to fix the errors on the drive.

Thank you very much for helping this lost user!