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SSD - Problem with bootmgr is missing

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    SSD - Problem with bootmgr is missing

    Hello everybody :-)

    I need some help with missing bootmgr. So how it started:
    I bought myself new SSD disc. I wanted to make that SSD primary so I can get rid off my old 70GB HDD disk. I used software to clone system (windows 8.1) from HDD to SSD. Everything worked perfectly to the point when I wanted to start the system. I noticed that my second HDD (with 1TB for data etc.) was set in bios with boot priority(1.) and it should have that missing bootmgr. Well I unpluged my HDD with windows and the second HDD and went to BIOS. I set boot priroity for my SSD and when I wanted to go to windows it showed me "Bootmgr is missing ...". Well so I decided to plug my second HDD back and went to windows.
    I used Microsoft Store to copy my windows installation to my USB flash disc so I can repair it with that. After restart I set my usb flash disc as primary/boot priority so it will be booted at first and I can repair it, but it always (seems like) skip that USB and run my SSD and my system start up, so I dont have any chance to go that windows screen with options to repair and so on. If I hit F8 immediately after my USB flash disc boot it shows me some options, but those aren't useful for fixing my problems with bootmgr.

    So now I'm in state when I can't boot my system without the USB flash disc. If I unplug it and restart the computer it shows me "problem with bootmgr is missing...".

    Any solution for that?
    Thanks in advance and sorry for my English

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    I fixed/solved it.

    I format system on my USB flash disc and installed/copied my system via Windows 7 USBDVD on my USB again. Then I restarted computer and my USB booted correctly so I used Recovery Tool with command prompt and typed this:
    bootrec /fixmbr
    bootrec /fixboot
    bootrec /rebuildbcd

    And it's finally booting and working well ;-))
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SSD - Problem with bootmgr is missing
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