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Dell Venue 8 Pro - Touch Screen Repeating Charactors Fixed

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    Dell Venue 8 Pro - Touch Screen Repeating Charactors Fixed

    FYI - Dell now has a new firmware update (Panel Touch Firmware For Dell Venue 8 Pro 1/2/2014, A02 ) that fixes this problem.

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    Thanks for the info. I just downloaded and installed last night. It doesn't seem to have made my keyboard perfect, but it is much better.

    I have a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse for when I am doing a lot of input, but it is nice to not have to backspace as much when using the touch keyboard.
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    Glad to help Darwin. I find that if I use a run of the mill stylus on the keyboard, there is still a lot of bounce/repeats, but if I type with my fingers, it's almost always perfect.

    There are still a lot of complaints on the Dell Mobile Device forum about double click on IE. I solve that problem by switching to FireFox on the desktop. I've tried IE every time I get a new computer, but I always come back go back to FF.
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    Thanks again... I have quit using my stylus while typing, and that seemed to fix me up. I do find the stylus useful on the desktop, but the typing keys are large enough to be usable with my fingers.

    I have run into a few different issues with IE on the Venue Pro, and also on my desktop system, so I am tending to use Chrome and Firefox... I haven't decided which one I will stick with, but either one seems to do better for me than IE.
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    On my Venue 8 Pro, I use a browser found in the store called UC BrowserHD. It's not bad as far as a touch browser goes, much better than IE. I prefer FireFox but it's not very touch friendly.

    If you've ever used the Dolphin browser on Android, UC BrowserHD is similar.
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    Good to know about the other browser. I guess I'm a dyed in the wool FF user. It seems easy to use with a stylus on the small stuff. I found a setting that let me scale up they display (I went up to 125%). Also, I found a nice plugin for FF called NoSquint, that gives you easy control over the display size on the browser.

    One more warning. There are a lot of postings on the Dell forum from users who forced the USB plug into the tablet backwards, and broke the port. The tablet has a Micro-AB port instead of a Micro-B port which allows the Micro-B plug to go in the wrong way with a little too much "encouragement". I took the precaution of painting the back of the plug of all the cables I use white. It's easy to quickly and easily get it right now. The black side goes on the screen site.
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Dell Venue 8 Pro - Touch Screen Repeating Charactors Fixed
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