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Strange behaviour of Optical Drive

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    Strange behaviour of Optical Drive

    This is strictly not a Windows 8 problem but a hardware problem. But I am trying my luck for a solution because there might be others who have had the same problem and therefore know how to overcome it.

    For days now my grand-daughter's laptop's optical drive does not recognize/play pressed DVDs/CDs but if we burn the pressed DVD/CD on a blank DVD/CD on another computer then the burnt DVD/CD works fine on her laptop. Yesterday only she was try to fresh install Windows 8 on her Windows 7 laptop from a pressed DVD that I had presented to her and she couldn't. Then I copied and burnt the purchased windows 8 DVD on another DVD and with this burnt copy the installation went like a charm.

    This strange behaviour is going on for over an year and I have not been able to rectify it. Can someone please help out?

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    Read this article. Might be helpful to you.

    Jitter issues: Why some DVD drives can't read pressed DVDs

    You can try to clean the lens of the DVD drive. Pressed DVDs are suppose to last longer. So, they do not like dust.
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    Thanks a lot, Archer. I have no lens cleaner at hand. I shall get one soon and clean the lens and I am sure the problem shall disappear. Really grateful for your quick response.
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    I would just replace the drive. It sounds like the laser diode has possibly drifted off frequency.

    Drives are so cheap anymore that it's just not worth the hassle to try to live with one that does not want to perform properly.

    Good Luck, and Happy 2014!

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Strange behaviour of Optical Drive
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