So, I'm hoping this is the right spot to post a few questions.

Just received a tablet notebook the Asus T100Ta for Christmas. I have two desktop computers running Win 7x64.

So I'm not too familiar with Windows 8.1.

The Win7 boxes are linked wirelessly to each other and to the internet through a dsl modem that is using the ethernet card in the more powerful of the two.

I believe the Asus has 802.11 a/b/g/n and bluetooth. I would like to add the notebook to the network so that I can access the 'Net.

1) What do I need, in the way of additional hardware, to do this?

2) What does windows 8 use for email? do I need to install a third party app?

3) Also since I'm not familiar with Windows 8, I am wondering if small registry independent pieces of software can be installed from a flash drive?

Pardon me if this is all newbie stuff...the compute is only two days old and I'm none too fond of Windows 8...yet?.