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Dell Venue 8 Pro Questions

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    Dell Venue 8 Pro Questions

    I'm new to the touch screen and tablet world. I've posted some of these questions on the Dell Forum, but they haven't been answered, so I hope you guys can help.

    1. There is no menu bar on IE. How to I get one?

    2. The default pop up keyboard doesn't show Function Keys (or an ALT key for that matter). Is there a way to see Fn keys besides starting the other On screen keyboard that I found with Search?
    Also, strangely, the default keyboard show numbers on the top qwerty keys, but they don't seem functional, since there is no numeric lock key either. Are they just for show? (I know how to use the &123 key).

    3. Is there a way to not have the Lock Screen appear when coming out of sleep mode? I've already eliminated the password requirement via netplwiz, but I'd prefer if the Lock Screen didn't appear at all.

    4. I ran the Dell program to find new drivers for my tablet. I updated the BIOS, and the Panel Touch Firmware, but when I run the Analyses program again, show the BIOS update as important and the Panel Touch Firmware update as urgent. Why aren't they dropped from the list?

    Thank for any info.

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    1. Long tap (tap and hold) on. The top of the browser window where the menu should be, you can turn on menus, favorite bar etc.

    2. On the bottom right of the keyboard is a keyboard looking "key" pressing it gives a few options. one includes alt. and ctrl keys. on that one, pressing the fn key brings up the function keys. If you have sausage fingers like me, you may want to use a stylus with the smaller keys.

    3. I don't know.

    4. Windows update only recognizes loaded patches when you download them with Update... which makes sense because otherwise it would need to check your whole drive for any drivers that may babe loaded in. A variety of ways. Update just checks its list of installed patches and fixes. I may have misunderstood this one (after rereading).

    Enjoy your tablet.
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    Thanks Darwin -

    I finally figured out #1 last night.

    On #2, when I press key keyboard key, I see 4 options, the standard keyboard, a keyboard with a numeric pad in the center, and 2 stylus pads. I don't seen an alt. key or an fn key anywhere. The only place I've seen those key is by using the on screen keyboard that comes up using Search.

    #3 isn't really important.

    #4, I'm referring to the Dell updates from dell/support/drivers.... You can get there through their web page, or My Dell on the Start Screen. You click on "Analyze System for Updates, and it searches you system for the option, recommended, and important firmware and driver updates. I updated the Bios, and Touchscreen driver, but when I rerun the analysis, those two are still on the list.
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    For #2, there is an On-Screen Keyboard in Ease of Access that can be used. You can find the file called osk.exe in the windows\system32 folder and create a shortcut to it and pin the shortcut to the taskbar.
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    Yes, that is the keyboard I found witth search. If I need its features frequently, I'll pin it to the task bar.
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    I just found something useful that makes sense of Darwin's reply.

    PC and devices, Typing, Touch Keyboard, Add standard keyboard layout as a touch keyboard option.

    I changed my setting from Off to On, and now it works as Darwin described. ��
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