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Please Help - Asus PC Freezing Up !

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    Please Help - Asus PC Freezing Up !

    Hi All - new to the site - so if this post is in the wrong place - feel free to move it !

    Can anyone please give me advice regarding the following issue :

    I have an Asus CM6730 PC, bought in October, which had Windows 8 installed on it.

    Everything was fine, until I decided to install the upgrade to Windows 8.1.
    After a week or so, my mouse started to freeze up randomly and the only way to log out of the PC was by holding the power button down for several seconds. The next day, I was working on the PC, took a phone call and the machine went into standby mode - but wouldn't come back on when I press a key / moved mouse.

    At that point I decided to restore the machine back to factory settings. This was done successfully so I was back to Windows 8. However - my problems have got worse - and now I am at the stage where the PC wont even boot up in Safe Mode - the screen just goes black.

    I have read up on a few sites and I believe it could anything from driver related - to a faulty motherboard.

    Any advice would be most welcome - given the PC is two months old - should I be also contacting ASUS, under the warranty ?


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    As far as I know, the Warranty doesn't cover software issues. If the PC has a problem with a hardware component, e.g. RAM or disk or whatever, then yes it is covered and they should replace it at free. Better to ask an experienced friend to have a look and test it, since if no hardware problem is found, they will charge you for checking! If you can diagnose it and make sure there is something wrong, then claim your Warranty, otherwise, try fixing it yourself to avoid charges.

    Assuming you have tested it and there is nothing wrong with the hardware, I recommend taking a backup of your data and then wipe the disk and make a clean install (format). To make sure nothing will go wrong, install chipset drivers first, then graphics and then everything else. This is because other drivers may overwrite settings and files from chipset drivers. If you install chipset drivers after them you may mess your system and give rise to problems. Also make sure the system doesn't go into standby too soon so as to interrupt an installation, increase the minutes, and you may also prevent it from going into standby when plugged (set it to never). This will make sure that it won't standby and it will be always responsive when plugged. Make sure you restart after every major change (e.g. installing drivers or large applications) to apply all new settings. Always download and install Windows updates with the system plugged and never shutdown it until they are all fully installed. If an update is not installed correctly you would see a blue screen of death and you may even have to format the system in severe cases that it cannot be restored at a previous stable state!
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Please Help - Asus PC Freezing Up !
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