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Vivotab RT not recognizing keyboards after 8.1 update

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    Vivotab RT not recognizing keyboards after 8.1 update

    I have an Asus TF600T (Vivotab RT) that came with the Asus Keyboard Dock.

    I also already had the Microsoft Wedge bluetooth keyboard.

    I believe the last time I used with the Wedge keyboard or the Asus Kyeboard Dock SUCCESSFULLY was when I had RT 8.0 on this device.

    I have not had need to use the keyboard until the last few days. I updated my Vivotab RT to 8.1 about 6 weeks ago. Last week I took out the Asus Keyboard Dock and connected it and all the tablet would do is make clicking noises whenever I pressed any button. It would not recognize any keystrokes. I rebooted the tablet while connected to the dock and same problem. I thought maybe the Keyboard Dock needed to be charged so I did not think anything else about it and plugged it into the charger overnight to let it charge.

    I have not messed with that keyboard since that night. Tonight I get to work and I had 2 hours to kill so I decided to get my Wedge Keyboard that I have used with my Android tablet with no issues and on my RT I went into Bluetooth and paired the keyboard successfully. YES, it recognized the number code I was asked to type into the keyboard. Pair was successful and it said it was paired and it installed a driver (which looks good in device manager) but now this keyboard is behaving the same way. All the tablet is doing is clicking anytime I press a key on the keyboard. It will not recognize any keys for typing or anything else. Again, I rebooted the tablet and no help.

    I have a bluetooth mouse AND a bluetooth speaker which I HAVE been using successfully with my Vivotab RT for the last month and my bluetooth mouse which I have here at work is working fine on the tablet. I did go ahead and delete all the blueooth devices, turn the bluetooth off and on, reboot the tablet, re-paired the keyboard, successfully paired it.. and now it's back to just making the tablet click.

    Any thoughts?

    My USB dongle is at home so I cannot test a standard USB keyboard until I get home in the morning.

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    I just remembered, the hardware WINDOWS button on the bottom on the tablet also has not worked since I updated to RT 8.1. It had been just making the tablet BUZZ without functioning but NOW its clicking when I press it like the keyboard had been doing. Bad tablet?
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    Asus has an update to their windows 8 tablets when upgrading to 8.1. I have the asus vivo smart tablet. There is an icon on the desktop or on the metro screen for it
    Try doing the update, it might fix your problem. I found it fixed a bunch of mine when i did this update after doing 8.1. There is also a bios update which fixed my bluetooth problem i jad
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    Thanx for the reply Robin.

    There is no such icon on my Start menu. There have been several Windows Updates and
    patches provided since the update to 8.1 and I have applied them all.

    To my own detriment, I have applied several registry hacks to speed up response time on
    my tablet. Its quite possible one of these hacks simply broke Windows.

    I am now performing a complete format and re-install of Windows RT to see if that will fix it.

    If not, its under warranty and I'll have to take it up with Asus.

    Thanx again.
    ***Update -

    After the re-install the keyboard starting working. So, I will have to be more careful when I make changes
    and test my keyboard to be sure anything I do doesn't interfere with it again.

    If I discover which edit caused the problem I will share it here. Oh, the hardware
    WINDOWS button on the bottom center of the tablet still does not work. I can't say if it ever
    worked since I got the unit. Oh well.
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Vivotab RT not recognizing keyboards after 8.1 update
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