Hello, I have an M-Audio midi-uno and it isn't popping up anywhere in windows 8; it plugs in via usb 2.0.
When I plug it in a light on the device turns on and slowly flashes on/off.
When I plug it into my piano and play notes the indicator lights that show key presses flash on/off

Yet when I load up mixcraft 6 it doesn't show the device.
Device manager doesn't show the device. (in Sound, game and video controllers) (I do click refresh devices)
I've tried adding the device and using the troubleshooters.
M-audio says the device shouldn't need drivers (Yet I found my w7 laptop needed the drivers)
Their website has w8 driver downloads but they aren't actually w8 drivers. They do not have drivers for w8. (it's just the w7 driver)

I know there's nothing wrong with the device, i've used it for the last 3 weeks playing the harp/auxiliary Piano in a musical. (it was plugged into my laptop)
my desktop obviously is more powerful than my laptop and I would rather use my piano in a system that doesn't lag.

I've contacted m-audio support and they didn't say much:
Try plugging into usb 2.0
Try testing to make sure the device works

Does anyone know anything else I can try? Other than waiting for M-audio to release w8 drivers that will never come out because windows 8 has no support for midi.
Maybe some tool that I don't know about?

Link to the device:
M-AUDIO - Uno - 1-In/1-Out USB Bus-Powered MIDI Interface

System specs:

Windows 8
mobo: H87m-Plus
ram: 8gb corsair white lp
cpu: i5-3470
gpu: 7970
psu: corsair silent 750watt
case: corsair 350D