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Surface 2: IE10, pulldown menus not working.

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    Surface 2: IE10, pulldown menus not working.

    MY wife's accessing emails through mediaportal webpage. There is a pull down menu, it simply allows you to show coverage at various time increments, such as last 5mins, last 2 days etc. Once you select the option (highlighted) and click it or hit enter it should refresh the entire webpage and reflect these changes. IE10 on the Surface 2 is not doing this, nor the Metro version of IE10, nor the Desktop version. You highlight the change you want to make, click or hit enter and nothing happens... no thinking, no refreshing, its like it doesn't work, or that there it's waiting for you to hit an 'ok' button somewhere (but there isn't, the 'ok' button is left clicking the highlighted option).

    On my desktop pc this works fine, both in IE10 and FF.

    I was led to believe that the Surface 2 was running a full version of IE10, what's going on?

    FYI once i select the option to display 'last 2 days' for example, then hit f5 to refresh page that doesn't work cuz its default is to show last 5mins coverage..

    I can provide screenshots if need be.


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Surface 2: IE10, pulldown menus not working.
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