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How Do I Change the Com Port Win8 is Using for My Modem?

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    How Do I Change the Com Port Win8 is Using for My Modem?

    How do I change the Com port for my modem in Windows 8? When I google around the instructions say to reinstall the modem, but I just installed it and it has the wrong port. It seems to default to Com 1 and my modem is on Com 4. So, how do I change the modem com port from Com 1 to Com 4? If Microsoft provided no method of changing it (incredible if true) then where is it stored -- registry, ini file, etc.?

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    modems ,i haven't used one in years ,and my memory sucks ,but i think in device manager ,go to the modem section and hit the + to open the modem properties and i think its in there somewhere,
    Edit =look for something like this (click the "Advanced Port Settings" button
    Under "Com Port Number" select the port you wish for the modem, then click OK )
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How Do I Change the Com Port Win8 is Using for My Modem?
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