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Sidewinder X4 Keyboard Macro delay on Win8.1

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    Sidewinder X4 Keyboard Macro delay on Win8.1

    I have three systems with the Microsoft Sidewinder X4 Keyboard. Two of the systems are running Windows 8.1 and one is running Windows 7. The two Windows 8.1 systems take a full 8 seconds (the first time) from the time I hit a macro key until it actually enters the information. After the first time all is well - meaning the information is entered almost instantaneously when hitting a macro key. The Windows 7 system takes less that two seconds the first time and is almost instantaneous after that. The two Windows 8.1 system are setup with a 3770K and 3570K processors running at 4.5GHz. The Windows 7 system is set up with a 2600K processor running at 4.5GHz. All three systems use an SSD for the operating system. Any ideas on why the W8.1 systems require 8 seconds to initialize the X4 Macro Software? I don't think there are any options available in the X4 Macro Software that would cause this issue?

    I was wrong - it seems that the 8 second delay is somewhat "random" since I experienced it on the W7 System recently and I have had the W8.1 System take less that 2 seconds the first time I hit the Macro Key! So...something is going on in Windows that adversely affects the Macro initialization time? Am I the only person using the Sidewinder X4 Keyboard Macros with this problem?
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Sidewinder X4 Keyboard Macro delay on Win8.1
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