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Intel SSD 530 Total NAND Writes Problem in Win8.1 x64

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    Win8.1 Pro x64

    Intel SSD 530 Total NAND Writes Problem in Win8.1 x64

    Hi, everyone:
    I bought an Intel SSD 530 120G for my laptop several days ago. It worked well with the OS Win8.1 Pro x64.
    When I paid attention to the NAND writes, something make me confused.

    The situation is as follow:
    The SSD with the OS is the first(primary) Disk, and the HDD is the second one. I have moved the cache of IE, chrome and Firefox to the Hard Drive using IE setting or mklink command, and verified it correctly. With the explorer working, the written data stream from cache is produced in the HDD partition theoretically, also I have got this conclusion through the System's Resource Monitor and the Diskmon from Microsoft website. When I cached several Movies embedded in any explorer without other operation separately, there are lots of written data traffic produced in the HDD partition, and just little data wrote in system disk(SSD), itís no doubt. Finally, each test(using one kind of explorer) improved less than 200Mb in Total Host Writes which is normal for system operating, but this process also consumed about 3Gb SSD's Total NAND writes in total in the CrystalDiskInfo 6.0.1. Also I have got the same result with the newly Intel SSD Toolbox, AIDA64 3.20 and CrystalDiskInfo 6.0.1. In fact, this written data traffic produced by explorer's cache in HDD is calculated into the SSD's total NAND writes.

    Actually I'm not care of the SSD's wear, and I'm sure it couldn't reach the limited lifespan with normal usage until next generation product arrives. This accidental discovery confused me, and the result above make me suspect the theory, Putting IE/Chrome or System cache into other medium/driver saving your SSD's wear.

    Q:Here, I want to know what makes this strange condition happen, the drivers, system's bug, bad support for old mainboard, the system's setting&config or the special system log?

    Testing condition:
    Thinkpad R400(GM45 motherboard)/P8700/8Gig RAM/Intel 530 SSD + Hitachi 7k500/Intel 5300 AGN/Win8.1 Pro X64 with the Win8.1's Default config and drivers, except turning the service Superfetch off manually, also the system works in 4k alignment and AHCI Mode.
    I could make sure the location of explorer cache(IE, Chrome, Firefox) in HDD, also the written data traffic in HDD, and the vast improved NAND writes in SSD simultaneously.
    Thanks for your help.
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    Win8.1 Pro x64

    Hi, guys,
    There are some supplementary data.
    I have tested the total NAND writes in OS win7 x64 newly installed with the all x64 drivers, the chrome cache is moved to HDD partition, and the result is same as the one in win8.1. When the Value of Host Writes improved just one, namely 1*32Mb total host writes, there are almost 2Gb added to the total NAND writes. Followed is the graph from which we could get the monitoring data and the disk activity.
    Finally, I speculate that there is a bug in the Intel 530 SSD firmware, DC22, if nohing wrong is in the testing environment.
    Fig. 1 The beginning test capture.
    Click image for larger version
    Fig. 2 The final capture. The host writes improved 1, and the total NAND write nearly 2Gb, compared with the first graph.
    Click image for larger version
    Thank you for helping.
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Intel SSD 530 Total NAND Writes Problem in Win8.1 x64
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