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Hitting links but not hitting links... help?

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    Hitting links but not hitting links... help?

    I have the Dell Venue 8 pro and the touch is like super sensitive I think. I'll touch a link and it's recognizing that I hit the link, as it highlights, but a lot of the time it won't open, as if I slid my finger a tint bit as I was hitting it. It's not really a calibration issue, as it knows I'm hitting the link, but is there a way to expand the tolerance so it will recognize that I meant to click the link even when I slide a little bit as I touch it? It's hard to explain but that's the bet I can do. Is this just me, or is this a windows 8.1 thing? ... Other than that this tablet is absolutely amazing.

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    I have a Windows RT (8.1) device and I have experienced similar problems.

    Let me guess, this is when you don't have any mouse/touchpad (USB or Bluetooth) attached.

    For some reason, without a mouse attached, the touch seems to ONLY want to move around the screen and swipe
    but is VERY picky about clicking on check boxes or clicking on links. It just doesn't seem to want to do it.

    Since I am limited to browsers in RT, IE 11 seems to have this problem more than the UC HD Browser I use as well.
    Since you can install Chrome and Firefox, do those seem to cause the same issue?

    Its definately a Windows 8 touch screen thing. One solution I have is to always carry a Bluetooth mouse wherever
    I go with the tablet so if it begins to be a big pain I can whip out the mouse. But, you would think with a Touch tablet
    you wouldn't be so reliant on a mouse.

    Here are some tweaks I did that helped a little.

    • Increase the responsiveness of the touch screen

    With two little registry tweaks you can increase the responsiveness of the touch screen just enough to make enough of an improvement for you to notice and make the experience just a little bit more fluent.
    Accomplish this through these steps:
    1) Open regedit.exe
    2) Goto HKLM\Software\Microsoft\TouchPrediction
    3) Change the values of both ‘Latency’ and ‘SampleTime’ from 8 to 2.

    • Reduce the scrolling friction

    It’s a graphical feature that can give you a feeling of delay, especially when you’re scrolling down a 400+ page ebook to page 320 or something. So, here’s how to reduce the scrolling friction and making your scroll experience more fluent:
    1) Open regedit.exe
    2) Goto HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Wisp\Touch
    2) Change the value of ‘Friction’ from 32 to whatevery you desire where a lower number means lesser friction.
    Note: At first I had this setting configured at ’0′ but found out that this wasn’t a setting I liked, so I changed it to 12 which is still less than half of the default (32).
    Now that we’ve done some tweaking on the laptop’s overall performance, Internet Explorer will be next.
    This because on a tablet I spend most of my time in THAT application.
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    Excellent post! Thank you for sharing the detailed info.
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Hitting links but not hitting links... help?
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