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Windows RT 8.1 vs Windows 8.1 Pro

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    Windows RT 8.1 vs Windows 8.1 Pro

    I have a question for anyone that uses Windows 8.1 (or 8.0) on a touch enabled device and uses Internet Explorer either from the desktop or from the Modern (Metro) UI.

    I have a Windows RT 8.1 tablet. When I am in Internet Explorer either in the desktop mode or from the Modern UI, touch just doesn't work all that great. The websites look excellent but if I am doing something as simple as trying to log off of one Gmail account and then to log into another..I have issues..

    If I tap on the avatar icon in the upper right hand should present me with a box to "Sign Out". No matter how I tap..single, double, long, just acts like I pressed the button (it turns gray for a moment) but then ignores the tap. If I use a Bluetooth mouse , THEN it works fine. Left click the avatar and choose "Sign Out".

    This is actually kinda maddening. I have a touch device. Its touch so I don't need to drag out or find a mouse. I should be able to do this simple task. And other websites have similar problems/issues when using the tap to select things. Why wouldn't Microsoft test this sort of thing?

    Oh, let me specify. If I have my tablet in it's dock (keyboard/touchpad) or have the BT mouse enabled, then I can tap just fine on the Gmail avatar to switch between accounts. BUT....If I do not have the tablet in the dock or have the mouse enabled (no mouse or touchpad at all)...THEN that is when I have the issue I explained above. Sounds like Windows RT doesn't like it when you're not using a mouse or touchpad. And didn't Microsoft say it was geared for tablets and touch????

    The whole point of having a touch enabled tablet is to NOT to have to carry around a mouse. Or am I missing something?

    Can anyone with a touch enabled Windows 8 (full) device verify if IE behaves the same way for them?

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    Would temporarily enabling Mouse Keys fix this? Hmmm...need to try that
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    Nope..mouse keys did not change anything. So it appears the best tablet experience for my touch enabled RT tablet is going to be when I am using a mouse. And I bet Microsoft is still scratching their heads as to why RT bombed?

    Don't get me wrong. I still love my RT tablet for the most part and my wife now wants one after using mine for a couple of days. BUT, Microsoft really missed an opportunity by not designing this thing for best use as tablet. I can see why many people would not like it. It cannot compete with Windows desktops very well and it can't compete with Android tablets very well. It needed to do one or the other.

    I think the main problem is that no matter how Microsoft tries to dress it up, at its core, its still Windows and was just never meant to work with a touch enabled tablet. In the end, this was a problem that even Microsoft could not overcome.
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Windows RT 8.1 vs Windows 8.1 Pro
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