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Canon MP drivers not installing

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    Canon IJ Network Scanner Selector EX not installing

    Okay so, I managed to stump Canon tier three support and they recommended I contact Microsoft support who refused to help without me paying them $99.

    I have a Canon MX922 multifunction that worked flawlessly with Windows 8 however, after upgrading (with a clean install) to Windows 8.1, I can not get the drivers to fully install.

    When running the install package (mast-win-mx920-1_0-ucd.exe) I get no errors however, the IJ Network Scanner Selector EX is not getting installed (this is needed to scan across the network). I extracted that install package (\mast-win-mx920-1_0-ucd.exe\mast-win-mx920-1_0-ucd\win\Driver\LANUTIL\SELECTOR\) from the main install package and tried to run it and received the following error: "An error occurred while files were being copied." and then the install fails.

    Before calling Canon, I tried installing both the main install package as well as the IJ Network Scanner Selector EX package in a clean boot state and received the same results.

    The only thing Canon could come up with was to copy 'usbscan.sys' to C:\, C:\Windows\System32\drivers and C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository and to try again.

    Anyone have any ideas?

    Below is the install log:
    <2013/11/13 18:33:37>LANG:0409:0<2013/11/13 18:33:37>CHANGED:0409
    <2013/11/13 18:33:37>  MUI is:0409
    <2013/11/13 18:33:37>  FixedLang:English
    <2013/11/13 18:33:37>  GetUserDefaultLangID:0409
    <2013/11/13 18:33:37>  RESIDENCE:america
    <2013/11/13 18:33:37>  GetUserDefaultUILanguage:0409
    <2013/11/13 18:33:37>  GetSystemDefaultUILanguage:0409
    <2013/11/13 18:33:37>  GetSystemDefaultLangID:0409
    <2013/11/13 18:33:37>INIT_PROC
    <2013/11/13 18:33:40>DotNet is 1
    <2013/11/13 18:33:45>EXITCODE is 1
    <2013/11/13 18:33:45>RESIDENCE_PROC
    <2013/11/13 18:33:45>ITEM_WinVista
    <2013/11/13 18:33:48>EULA_PROC
    <2013/11/13 18:33:48>EULA_INIT_ACTION
    <2013/11/13 18:33:50>CALL_LANDRIVER_DLL install occured.
    <2013/11/13 18:33:50>INSTALL_MPDRIVER_ACTION
    <2013/11/13 18:33:58>..MPDRIVER install result is 1/0
    <2013/11/13 18:33:58>MPDRIVER is installed successful.
    <2013/11/13 18:33:58>120 sec 120/120 sec 1 min 1/1 pos
    <2013/11/13 18:33:58>MYPRINT_LOG_WEBREG_INSTALL
    <2013/11/13 18:33:58>WEBREG IS NOT NEEDED
    <2013/11/13 18:33:58>MPDriver
    <2013/11/13 18:33:58>It is the beginning of INSTALL_DETECTPRINTER_ACTION
    <2013/11/13 18:33:58>Start to network setup.
    <2013/11/13 18:33:58>beginSection is INSTALL_LAN_PROC
    <2013/11/13 18:33:58>START Network Setup
    <2013/11/13 18:34:29>..Network Setup's result is 1/0
    <2013/11/13 18:34:29>Network Setup finished successfully.
    <2013/11/13 18:34:31>TESTFLG is 0
    <2013/11/13 18:34:31>MPDriver
    <2013/11/13 18:34:31>baseRegPath is SOFTWARE\CANON\MSETUP4\InstalledLog\MSETUP_MX920 series_USCD
    <2013/11/13 18:34:31>szFileName is MSETUP_MX920 series_USCD1311
    <2013/11/13 18:34:31>NSS is @Software\Canon\IJNetworkScannerSelectorEX;AppPath@
    Last edited by originalgabriel; 13 Nov 2013 at 21:46. Reason: Added install log info and cleaned up question.

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Canon MP drivers not installing
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