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Hard-drive at 100% with no activity

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    Hard-drive at 100% with no activity


    I recently discovered that one of my drives has been at 100% activity with no data being read or written. This particular drive is used for virtual instruments and samples for music. I've never had issues before, but I found it odd that loading projects took an insane amount of time to load, which lead me to check the disk usage of this particular drive.

    Current response time spikes into the tens of thousands. Again, nothing is being written or read. If I open the drive, I can see all my files, but the drive never seems to stop "searching". I've attatched a picture below:

    Click image for larger version

    Any suggestions?

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    That is really weird IMHO! You can try the following suggestions:

    Right click your drive from explorer and untick the box shown below. Note that this invokes an unindexing process that will take some time to complete:

    Click image for larger version

    You can also go to Control Panel> Indexing Options> and turn off the Indexing Service if the above does not help:

    Click image for larger version

    Hope this helps to resolve your issue. Good luck and let us know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by my2cents View Post
    Thanks for the response! I'm sorry I didn't respond sooner - I was dealing with an issue that is actually linked to this one:

    SSD hangs at boot; sometimes crashes

    It seems that the hanging is being caused by this particular drive. When I un-plug it, everything runs smoothly. I enable hot-plugging and can see the drive in Windows, but I cannot see the contents.
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Hard-drive at 100% with no activity
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