Hi there
with the advent of the S4 (and other decent smart phones) having decent 1080p HD output and the ability to transmit and play multi-media on a large external monitor I really can't see why I should spend any money on a tablet.

I can design a presentation on a laptop say at home / work and then PLAY this on the phone to a large external Screen in a meeting - with 64GB sd card in the phone it's even MORE convenient than a tablet - and the phone is good for watching movies while on a train / plane too.

I'm beginning to fail to see where the tablet market is leading to --there's no way I'd create presentations or spread sheets without a decent keyboard and mouse -- and if you add these accessories to a tablet -- well it's just an underpowered PC. !! Once you've created the presentation then just play it on the large screen via your phone.

The Samsung has a great piece of kit that can wirelessly transfer your phone screen to a remote screen and it works BRILLIANTLY for displaying multi-media even on LARGE screens.

Since almost everybody has a phone - I'm surprised why more people don't do this.