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Is there any 3rd party Metro replacments for touch screen?

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    Is there any 3rd party Metro replacments for touch screen?

    Many folks don't like the metro or modern UI menu system. I refuse to use this junk and in fact have permanently disabled it and it's apps.

    But the style does lend itself to touch screen functionality. I know there are 3rd party apps for the start button and start menu as viewed from the desktop, and thats fine for mouse and keyboard users - but are there alternative menu systems that are optimized to work with a touch screen?

    I'm looking at getting a windows tablet PC which will also have the modern UI and it's apps disabled - However I might need a different menu system to replace it so i can work comfortably with the touch screen functions. See my point?

    Are there any?

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    Doesn't anyone use a windows 7 tablet pc? It doesn't have the metro / modern UI - what does it use to give you a good touch screen experience?

    See.. I want the normal desktop shortcuts to work as well as the touch screen ability of the metro screen. I don't have a touch screen yet.. so tell me.. will the desktop icons do this or are you restricted to using the metro interface for touch screen applications?
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    I cannot believe no one has any ideas on this. Bump.
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    Let me ask this another way..

    If I get the tablet without 8.1 only the regular windows 8 and i do not use the metro UI, what touch screen functions might I be missing?

    Whats the experience like for you guys who use 8.0 with touch screen without being in the Metro UI interface?
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    Hi Dark Rider,

    the Start in Windows 8(.1) works for me way better then the old startmenu in Windows 7 etc. I like using it on my desktop computer as well as on my Surface Pro 2.

    The main reasons why the Start works better for me then the old startmenu are:
    • It gives me in one blink an overview of the most important things (due to the livetiles);
    • It's very intuitive;
    • If I want to use a program or want to change a settings etc. I just start typing in Start and within a couple of letters I can start the program I was looking for;
    • I don't have to scroll through the entire startmenu anymore;
    • Concluding ==> I work faster with Start then the old startmenu.

    So I don't know what you mean by a touch enabled replacement of Start. There isn't any because there is Start. And yes, you can still drown your desktopmodus with little shortcuts to programs. And yes, you can click on them with your fingers (on a touch enabled monitordevice).

    So what exactly is your point here? If you don't like Windows 8(.1) or the Surface or whatever.....don't use it! No one is forcing you to. You can always buy an Apple or Linux device .


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    O.k. I'll try this yet again.

    On a windows touch screen, in the modern UI, you can side scroll like you can on an iphone, android or tablet.

    Can you do this at all ona windows 7 touch screen? I'll go from there once it's answered.


    An aside..

    You know, there was a windows desktop shell called Explorer for many years with all versions of windows - that didn't stop people from making 3rd party apps that completely replace the windows shell - bblean, SharpEnvoro etc see here: List of alternative shells for Windows - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia and here: 7 Best Windows (Alternative) Shell Replacement Programs

    Just because Microsoft built a shell into the system, it doesn't mean it was good enough for all to use - so people changed it. I cannot see why this same cannot be done to the modern UI - it doesn't mean Microsoft's product was good enough without a need to be replaced or re-tooled.

    I'm looking to use a non 8.1, non metro UI thats better IMO than Microsofts - or at least more suited to me. If no one makes one now, i'm sure they will soon. Microsoft don't understand the appeal of the Linux based android's ability to change it;s shells or linux's ability to use different desktop environments, like KDE, Gnome etc..

    Two other things I wanna see, are cell phone capabilities built into all windows tablets and a non Google based linux operating system to replace the google controlled android. Freedom to choose man, thats what it's about, as it should be.
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Is there any 3rd party Metro replacments for touch screen?
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