I've tried installing the most recent drivers dedicated for Windows 8.1 for the 1901 card. I'm having no problem accessing wireless networks though.

When I attempt to add a new bluetooth device, the screen just stays completely white and won't load anything. Before I updated to the most recent drivers, it simply wouldn't find any devices (I attempted to pair 4 different bluetooth devices).
I've tried enabling the bluetooth service in service.msc and nothing happens.
This is very frustrating as I use bluetooth peripherals everyday (mouse, keyboard, headset). Does anyone have any clue as to what's going on? I've tried searching forums and tried every fix I could find.

I've also tried installing new BIOS but that didn't help.

My system: Dell XPS 15 l521x
Here's a link to my system information provided by Speccy.

1901 wifi/bluetooth card.