Hey, guys!

I am new here, this is my first post and it has been disaster with Windows 8.1 update. It worked for 24 hours, and when I restarted- it loaded without USB ports power. For detailed history of diagnostics over last 24 hours, please, read here: Computer would not boot after Windows 8.1 update - Windows 8 - Windows 8

Long story short: the USB ports work in BIOS, I can use keyboard and mouse, but soon as Windows loads, USB ports become disabled. Windows loads normally, able to connect to the internet and sleep.

I did system restore- that is failed. I did automatic repair- it failed as well. I started in Safe mode- still no USB support.

I need to reinstall USB driver. All it takes is to log in to device manager and uninstall and Windows supposed to install new driver. But I can not log in past password screen. I do not have PS2 ports for keyboard and mouse motherboard.

I am being forced to reinstall Windows and it should be last option because I have games collection that were installed on D drive but have root directories on C, and if I reinstall, would become unusable. Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Here are specs: the motherboard is Asus Z87 Deluxe, I7 4770K, Radeon 7870 GPU.