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Windows 8 will not sleep when I close my MacBook Pro lid..

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    Windows 8 will not sleep when I close my MacBook Pro lid..

    I have a the last version of the 17" MacBook Pro model with the following specs:

    Windows 8 64-bit
    Intel Core i7 2.40 GHz
    16GB RAM

    I have from what I can tell everything working perfectly fine with the exception of the laptop properly going to sleep when I close the lid. I installed the Boot Camp Support Software 5.0.5033 and also updated the AMD Radeon HD 6700M drivers to get the video card working properly.

    When I close the lid... the machine will seemingly "sleep" but it will not wake. The screen stays black and I have to shut it off completely and back on. I miss being abel to just close the lid when I need to and then just pick up where I left off.

    Anyone else have this issue with Windows 8? Searching the web shows no results - I assume someone else has had this issue. Thanks for any feedback or thoughts you may have.

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    Windows 8.1

    Just to let you know, I have just updated my Macbook Pro to Windows 8.1 with latest bootcamp drivers and to my complete surprise the only issue I have is the built in graphics driver under-scanning my external HDMI monitor. I was looking around for the best Radeon Driver as the one I installed crashed start-up needed to be restored. Anyway I saw your thread so thought I would test to see if the Lid suspends & resumes the laptop. It does a perfect job. I went into suspend when I closed the lid after 2 seconds and resumed on lifting the lid in under 3 seconds. So least you know it works on a clean install....maybe you have a driver issue. Anyway hope that helps.....and can you share where you found the Radeon Driver. good luck.. Mark.
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Windows 8 will not sleep when I close my MacBook Pro lid..
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