While I don't have screenshots of my work getting my HP 3050 working, I will get some screenshots when I can fully dismantle my drivers.

Here we go:

First the printer must be natively compatible with Windows 7. I've noticed that printers that are native to XP don't seem to work as well, but not impossible.

Second, delete any old copies of the drivers that were created, we're going to be making a custom driver.

Go ahead and plug your printer into the computer, if the drivers install and fail, let it, we'll use that port as an install base.

Now manually install your printer through add printer, tell it wired via USB, then find the port that says USB001, Usually what it is called. Install your new drivers using ones that were native to the machine. And you are done.

You'll be able to print as usual just make sure to get the right port. As for scanning, I find that windows fax and scan works ok and seems to be using my scanner's native software base.

Again, I do not have screenshots at this time, and I'm too busy with work to delete my current setup and start over as it took a few hrs to do it in the first place and as you would probably know, when you just want the bloody thing to work you just go go go not thinking to record what you did.