English is not my native tongue, I apologize for any misspells or similar in advance.

Im connected to a Konica Minolta C224 network multifunction printer. I have never had any similar issues with any other of my printers.

Let me also say I work in traditional Desktop view.

I have no issue printing, not once did it refuse a print job. Issue below are not tied to a specific software, Ive experienced it in software from at least Microsoft, Autodesk, Adobe, Foxit

When opening Print Dialog I am mostly not allowed to go to Printer Properties/Printer Advanced Settings. I say mostly because every now and then I am allowed. When hitting the Properties button my system freezes. A popup dialog box appears stating different things but the last couple of times it has been A RPC (Remote Procedure Call) could not get through (Or similar remember: Im not using an English system). I hit OK. At this point the software is frozen and locked I have to go via Task Manager and Kill Task. Meanwhile, all other running programs are not affected.

So the story above could just as well include a slightly different popup dialog box message but the problem is the same. I can always print with my standard settings but if I want for example multicolour or duplex I have to have a separate printer installation for that.

So if I go to my Control Panel -> Units and Printers I do actually face the exact same problem. I enter C224 Printer Settings but if I now try to go to Printer Properties/Printer Advanced Settings everything freezes for a second flashing in system background colour and Im back to Desktop view.

Then, if I update/reinstall my printer driver everything suddenly works like a charm. I dont really know if it works for a specific amount of times/entries, a specific amount of time or until next system restart.

As said, I could make a number of printer installations like Simplex B/W, Simplex Colour, Duplex B/W and Duplex Colour. But I want to understand what is wrong too

Win8 x64 C224 driver: Resultat av download - KONICA MINOLTA | Sverige

Thank you so much for your interest in my problem.